About this Journal

The goal of this journal is to reexamine the foundations for the philosophy of government, and what role current governments play in our lives.

In order to truly be free, we must have freedom of choice in our lives. We cannot become dependent on the people who have the power to take away those choices by force. Hence, we must work towards a form of government which provides maximum freedom.

Libertarianism is a rather scary topic, as many view it as a radical, fringe set of beliefs. However, a Libertarian society would actually be quite similar to our own, with the exception that our civilization would operate as a function of individual action and choice, rather than under the yolk of an authoritarian government.

So, I devote this blog to explaining how we can achieve liberation without overturning our civilized society. For a general discussion of the framework of this envisioned society, you can start at my first post.

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