About the Author

Call me Thomas Anderson.

Born and raised in Southern California, I received my bachelor’s degree from the California Institute of Technology. I’m currently pursuing a PhD in the field of chemistry. In my spare time, I like to debate on political forums and keep up with the news.

I am a libertarian and an atheist. This blog will be devoted towards the promotion of liberty, in the hopes that I might spark discussion and critical thinking. The first step in social change is to help people become comfortable with the ideas. If enough people see the appeal of the systems I advocate, then maybe one day there can be real change in the world towards a voluntary society.

If you wish to better understand my political philosophy, I’ve summarized my views on the ideal form of government in my first post to this blog. I also use this blog as a repository for essays that provide an answer to the most common arguments I encounter in my debates.

The views expressed in this blog do not represent the opinions or policies of anyone but myself.

Contact: scienceliberty@gmail.com

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