America’s “99%” are the World’s Top 32%

When people throughout the US protest to take more money from the richest 1% of Americans, they organize those protests using iPhones, travel to those protests using cars, and film those protests using digital cameras. Through this entire process, not a single one of them has stopped to think about how rich they really are. From a global perspective, these protesters are in the top 32% in terms of income.

That’s right. The bottom 5% in the US are wealthier than the top 5% in India. Here in the US, we don’t have the poor protesting against the rich. We have rich people protesting against slightly richer people to try to take more. How selfish is that?

So if these Occupy Wall Street folks really, truly believe in “economic justice,” “social justice,” or whatever other principle they invent to misuse the word “justice,” why don’t they voluntarily redistribute their iPhones and the rest of their wealth to Asia? Or maybe to Africa? Perhaps South America?

I’m waiting.