Keeping Track of Obama’s Attacks on Liberty and Fiscal Sanity

I recently had someone on the forums ask, “Why do you think Obama is such a bad president?”

Well let’s see…

  • Obama wasted over a trillion dollars on a failed stimulus based in an economic hypothesis that was already discredited in the 1970’s.
  • He used additional taxpayer money to prop up his own personal investments (such as Solyndra), which later failed spectacularly.
  • He pushed through and passed a monstrous law giving his health secretary Kathleen Sebelius absolute dictatorial control over the health care services in this country, while raising costs for all Americans.
  • He has kept the budget deficit above $1 trillion because his socialist sentiments have led him to refuse to cut any sort of spending or government programs.
  • He has maintained a crusade against the job-creators and innovators in this country, threatening them with higher taxes and greater regulation at every turn.
  • He has altered the patent system to give patent rights to the first-to-file the patent application for a thing, as opposed to the first to invent the thing.
  • He signed the “Food Safety Modernization Act,” converting the FDA from an organization that levies fines against food safety violators to an organization that actively micromanages and harasses food producers, defining the procedures they must use. Under this law, hundreds of Amish farms were raided by regulators in SWAT gear with assault weapons, all for the “crime” of selling raw milk and raw honey.
  • He nationalized the student loan industry, confiscating student loans from banks so that students in debt now owe the Department of Education. Students who have missed payments recently have been raided by regulators in SWAT gear with assault weapons (notice a trend here?).
  • He has encouraged his Federal Reserve Chairman to continue printing money, even as inflation in necessary goods that all Americans must buy, such as food and gas, soars above 8%.
  • He has refused to reform Social Security, which continues to grow exponentially in costs.
  • His head of the Department of Justice, Eric Holder, sold thousands of fully automatic assault weapons to Mexican druglords in a failed sting operation (Operation Fast and Furious) while arguing for greater gun restrictions on US citizens. He lied about his role in overseeing this operation, yet still holds his job.
  • He has inflamed racial tensions, crying “Racism!” against anyone who is critical of his authoritarian socialism.
  • Obama has violated numerous court orders, and was actually held in contempt of court for his defiance in maintaining his illegal ban on oil drilling.
  • He continues to fancy himself a dictator, contemptuous of constitutional restrictions on his power, openly admiring the way the People’s Republic of China keeps their citizens submissive to the State…

This is just what comes to mind off the top of my head. There’s certainly plenty of room to expand this list and provide more details.