“Style of Government” Poll

I’ve just posted a poll asking a very important question: If you had to choose between a government which kept you alive and comfortable and one that gave you freedom, which would you pick?

I understand that most people prefer some sort of middle-ground between the two. That’s why in the comments of the poll I ask the more qualitative question of, “Where is that middle ground?” I’ve heard a lot of people suggest that they’d be willing to give up a few inconsequential rights here and there in order to ensure that everyone has food to eat, a home to live in, a basic education, and doctors to stave off untimely death. But I want to know exactly how far you are willing to go for that cause. If the government told you they were going to put you on a strict meal plan to ensure the poor had food to eat, would you be okay with it? What if they said you had to follow a specific career path of their choice that would be necessary to provide for society? If it took 30% of your income to take care of everyone else, would that be too much? What about 40%? Or 60%?

At what point do your personal freedoms become more important than the survival and comfort of others?

I want everyone who takes the poll to try this thought experiment. I’m interested in hearing what people have to say.

EDIT: Post comments and explanations from the poll here, so that individual conversation threads can be maintained.