After Rand Paul’s Exit, Who Should Win the Republican Primary?

I’m starting to think I might want Rubio to win the primary for several reasons:

1. It will convince some of the Cruzers to follow me to the Libertarian Party.

2. It will put to rest, once and for all, this mindless “anti-establishment,” populist demagoguery.

3. If by some chance he wins the general election, Rubio won’t start mass-deporting people.

Rubio is really the safest choice left in the Republican Primary. Sorry Cruzers, if you wanted Constitutional, limited government, you should have stood with Rand.

The conservative case for deregulating immigration:

If I want to host an immigrant on my own private property, why should the government get to decide whether I’m allowed to do that? Do I not own my own property, and have the right to decide who to have as a guest?

In a free country, you don’t have to ask the government’s permission to host a guest on your own private property.

Edit: Or maybe I should just vote for Rand Paul anyways, so I can be one of the few who didn’t let the end of a campaign stop him from voting for what’s right.


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