Title Change

In case you’ve noticed, the title of this blog has changed. This decision was made after googling my own name, and discovering that all of the results related to my scientific endeavors have been drowned out by links leading here.

Unfortunately, the world of a science is filled with people who are perfectly happy working for the government. Many scientists see their own intelligence as a reason to use politics to force their beliefs and lifestyle on others, rather than as a reason to be free of government intrusion. This stems from the belief that the public is too stupid to appreciate good science, and so the only way to get funding is to appeal to the confiscatory power of government, rather than by seeking out voluntary funding sources. Of course, this unenlightened view ignores the fact that the government is made up of the same descendents of Cro-Magnons that make up the general public, but with even less inspired variance. Yet, even scientists usually don’t have the courage to question their own funding. Just like everyone else, they don’t like to bite the hand that feeds.

So, to avoid being retaliated against in the professional world for my advocacy of liberty, I must distance my online presence from my professional name. Of course, I will never allow myself to be silenced, but I will be a more effective voice for my cause in the future if my career success is not hindered by butting heads with my colleagues. A name change seems the simplest way to achieve this.


3 Responses to “Title Change”

  1. snuffles Says:

    In other words, you’re too much of a coward to show your true face to your colleagues? Not very brave of you. Why don’t you just treat this like a weird porno collection then, and hide it from everybody? No seriously, have the balls to care about it and hold it dear. I work at the most unionized place in town and there are negotiations coming up. There is PRESSURE to join the union, and I’m not having it. They all know my position, and I’m not joining. So why can’t you do that? Aren’t you brilliant enough to overcome an unfair system? If a pathetic waste of life like me can hold off a union, I think you can hold back a few greedy scientists.

    • Tristan Brown Says:

      I work at the birthplace of the union movement, and rejecting the pressure brought by those elements was no problem. It’s always justifiable to scold someone for unnecessarily bringing divisive politics into a professional environment. But by publicly associating the name I put on research publications with the name I use to advocate liberty, I’m working from the other side of the coin.

      Despite the intended purpose of universities, Academia is not at all tolerant of viewpoint diversity. All of that pretension about enlightened inclusiveness is bullshit- nothing more than a facade. Obtaining a graduate degree and working in an academic environment is extremely bureaucratic and political. If you show your hand at any point before becoming a tenured professor, any of your superiors who happen to disagree with you can ruin you. I already have one particularly totalitarian colleague who is pretty eager to destroy me, and I don’t want to make it easy for him. I’d rather not Ron Paul myself out of a career.

      Instead, I’m playing the long game. If I can keep the identities I use for professional work and political advocacy mostly separate for now, then I can grab my degree and escape to more private ventures with nonpolitical funding sources. Once I have a PhD and I’ve made a scientific name for myself, then my position of authority will be more amenable to merging my two identities. People listen to their professional superiors. They don’t listen to an upstart graduate student trying to revamp the entire system he’s just getting started in.

      • Lap Gong Leong Says:

        I hope you win in the end. Science, especially with the internet, is not a government good. It is the free exchange of knowledge. With this exchange, truth can be discovered in better quality.

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