The Separation of Ideology and State

Quite a few people in this country support the separation of Church and State, feeling that religion has no place in defining the role of the State. Yet, many of these same people have no problem forcing their own ideologies and beliefs of any other nature on others through the mechanism of government.

What’s the difference between the different religions and the different political ideologies of our day? Religions are old enough to base their righteousness in the idea of divine right. That’s all. In every other way, the different religions are not fundamentally different different types of belief than those various political factions that lead to our modern squabbles over the economy, over how people should live their lives. As time goes on and the major political parties take turns wielding the power of the State, we allow these ideologies and ways of life that we do not believe in to be imposed on us simply because they come from the will of 51% of the people. Is this right? Is it right for two neighbors to force the third to live as they do? Would you allow the majority religion of the country to force their beliefs on you? It would certainly be democratic, but is it liberty?

So I have a simple question to ask: Why don’t the people of this country drop the blatant contradictions in their beliefs and favor a total separation of Ideology and State? Stop using taxes and the power of the law to force others to live as you choose to live. Stop trying to force everyone in the country to support your favored programs. For liberty’s sake, just leave each other alone. The violent power of government should not be used for every goal you have in life. All it truly needs to be used for is defense against further imposition of violent power.

How can you favor the Separation of Church and state without also accepting the Separation of Ideology and State, unless your motives are duplicitous and hypocritical?


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