The Income Gap

“The income gap is growing! Oh the horror,” says the left-wing progressive. “Hear hear!” agrees the liberal, the socialist, and the anarchocommunist. “We must take down the rich to reduce the gap!” cries the union boss, who currently resides in a tent on public land near Wall Street.

But what good does it do to reduce the relative wealth difference between people if you’re making everybody poorer? Margaret Thatcher hammers this point home extremely well.

As Thatcher explains, the Liberal opposition to free-market economics reveals a willingness to make the poor poorer so long as it hurts the rich a little more. Rather making everyone poorer through the socialist policies that destroyed Eastern Europe in the 1970’s, why not favor policies that make all levels of income wealthier, such as those that Eastern Europe applied over the last 20 years, making them more prosperous than Western Europe?

Capitalism makes the rich richer? GOOD! The poor get richer through capitalism too! History is the proof- Socialism is a failed policy, which has led to greater poverty for everyone except the political elite and their connections. Let us do away with it once and for all.


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