Future Leaders of America Express Reservations About Freedom of Speech

This is a little scary. My generation isn’t too fond of the right to freedom of speech. And when I say “Future Leaders of America,” I don’t mean it in the trite and meaningless way it’s normally used- I mean it literally.

Georgetown University is famous for producing many of the political leaders of this country. Notable alumni include Governor Mitch Daniels, Pat Buchanan, Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates, George Tenet (Director of the CIA), John Podesta, M. Ashraf Haidari, Justice Antonin Scalia, Senator Dick Durbin, Senator Patrick Leahy, Senator Lisa Murkowski, Representative Steny Hoyer, Lt. General John Allen, our 42nd President, and many others. You’d have a hard time finding a committee or bureaucracy in Washington without at least one Georgetown alum.

Isn’t it a little bit disturbing that the youngest generation capable of voting has become so complacent about the concept of liberty that those of them who may one day be running this country seem to think it’s a good idea to censor those they disagree with? How do we put an end to this dangerous complacency?


2 Responses to “Future Leaders of America Express Reservations About Freedom of Speech”

  1. Hadi Says:

    Mr. Brown,
    M. Ashraf Haidari is from Afghanistan and committed to helping lead the way in Afghan society…but yeah, he studied in Georgetown University.

  2. HellcatF6F Says:

    Hello, I came over from the Deviant Art forums.

    It is not just freedom of speech that today’s brainwashed zombies would ban. There are people who would ban religion (which has always led to mass murder), who support the 4th amendment violating TSA (no wonder there is no serious opposition or outrage over it!) and who would support the banning of conservative books.

    I do not think the United States will be free after another generation, if it does not collapse first.

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