Noam Chomsky is Insane

And this is how we know.

He ignores the easily available confessions bin Laden offered before openly declaring war on the United States. He ignores the difference between attacking military targets and attacking voting civilians. He ignores the fact that most of the deaths in Iraq were at the hands of our enemies, and most of the deaths in Afghanistan were at the hands of Osama bin Laden’s soldiers. He ignores the difference between a dictatorial leader who holds power through military strength and a democratically elected representative. He defers to the circus of “international law” rather than relating morality to principles based on human equality.

In other words, he believes in defining truth by vote, but for some reason places no value on choosing leaders by vote. This man is a maniac, with a very warped perspective on the world.

And his point about Americans naming their fighting machines after their victims? He doesn’t even realize that the reason we name our weapons “Apache” and “Tomahawk” is out of admiration for the fighting skills of those old cultures (not to mention the fact that “tomahawk” actually refers to a weapon used by those cultures, not the cultures themselves). It’s almost a romanticized idealism putting them above us that leads to naming conventions like that, not some sort of sick attempt at taunting the ghosts of the past.

Yet, Chomsky believes we Americans are no better than bin Laden. But of course, all we have to do to prove him wrong is let him live. I mean, we call him an idiot, but we don’t go and try to blow him up for his disgusting opinions.


7 Responses to “Noam Chomsky is Insane”

  1. Robert Brown Says:

    His drawing a moral equivalence between the actions of bin Laden and the actions of the U.S. is disgusting and only proves he has no solid ground upon which to stand in his sea of relative morality.

  2. Pascal Says:

    In my opinion, a great article by a great man. Chomsky’s, not this.

  3. Freedom From Religion Says:

    I’m a l proud liberal who happens to think Noam is crazy as well. But so are are most of you cats on the right. You all have more in common than you think. Both have wild fantasies about Americanism for starters. You both are revisionist (the founding fathers were NOT all Christian -Deist is not Christian btw and some were atheists and nor did most intend to have God let alone Jesus in politics. My hope is that the Republican party can become sane again like it was during Eisenhower and to some extent up until the 90’s when ya all went bat shit nuts. BTW, “It’s almost a romanticized idealism putting them above us that leads to naming conventions like that, not some sort of sick attempt at taunting the ghosts of the past.” That is almost the same thing -romanticized idealism is in a sense creating ghosts. Your both wrong and Native Americans find it insulting.

  4. your blog is lame Says:

    He is not crazy. If you disagree with his points, refute them properly.

  5. No, your comment is lame Says:

    Yeah, he’s crazy. He has never said anything that lines up with reality so there are no points to refute. He can’t prove himself to be right, and the burden of proof is on him to do so. He’s just a conspiritard. Also, calling a libertarian a “cat on the right” means you probably shouldn’t be talking. Libertarians are, if anything, far more liberal in the classical sense than most “liberals” in this country, who are a lot closer to fascists along with the far-righters. No libertarian wants religion in politics, I have no idea where you got this idea. Basically, if you want freedom, stop listening to fools and crazy people and listen to the people who are saying they will give you freedom. They are literally saying they want to give you freedom and you’re just ignoring them. Talk about willful ignorance.

  6. Oh well Says:

    Interesting take on Chomsky. It’s a bit simplistic, but most criticisms of Chomsky tend to be that way. A quick note…. If we named our military equipment becaus of respect and admiration for our defeated enemies…. Then that wouldn’t make much sense. We wouldn’t have a shred of respect for them had we defeated them so easily. We have no tanks named M113 panzerfaust. Nor the m899 samurai attack helicopter. Chomsky is damn close to the truth in that one. We shit all over the natives of this country, and casually dismiss criticism that anyone brings up when we name our football teams and helicopters the chinooks.

    • CHOCTAW Says:

      Well, well,well now your talking my language. Through out the histories of war all races of the world. We as people have given our troop carriers, ships, planes, and weapons different, but strong and imposing names that strike fear into our enemies. These names are, names of whole native nations these people were some of the greatest warriors we ever fought. We honor their nations by giving names to the very vehicles and machines we use to take lives or carry our beloved troops of America in. These people were here in America before anyone. It is only right that the names of their warrior nations and others they have used be used as the arrow of fear in every man’s heart. Let me tell you something when I served in the US.ARMY I was in Afghanistan and just the name apache strikes fear into anyone on the battlefield. I served with many native americans and they were always happy to see the great names that their forefathers had used were still being used today instead of lost to a culture that never knew them. You people who have never served, you liberals who go through life telling people how to live and running your mouths. You don’t know because you’ve never been there.

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