Obama has gone fully Orwellian, people. As even Jon Stewart points out, Obama is now calling tax hikes “spending reductions in the tax code.”

It was bad when he used “kinetic military action” as a euphemism for “war” to avoid admitting that he just followed in Bush’s footsteps by opening a third military front in the Middle East. But now, he’s using language that inherently assumes that all money you make already belongs to the government. As in, you are the government’s slave, and any money generated by your labors that you keep is money “spent” by the government on you.

Anyone still willing to debate whether Obama would like to lead us down the road to serfdom?


One Response to “ObamaSpeak”

  1. Dave in the former People's Repub of Mich Says:

    When Jon Stewart is skewering the progressive president for his reverse speak or Orwellian speak, well the hope for new change in 2012 is under way.

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