Obama, from Iraq to Libya

I just don’t understand it.

First, Obama was against wars of regime change, heavily criticizing Bush for the Iraq War. The entire Democratic Party was up in arms over the way the US took down Saddam to help bring democracy to Iraq.

Then, when Honduras reached a constitutional crisis because their leftist authoritarian president was trying to change the “anti-continuismo” sections of their constitution, and their own military moved in to remove the president and hold new elections, Obama was again against it. He called it an “unjustified military coup,” despite the fact that the Honduran constitution specifically called for the arrest of the president by the military. Their only legal misstep was shipping the former president out of the country instead of detaining him, because they wished to prevent him from organizing an armed uprising within the country. And Obama used this as an excuse to be against this action to the bitter end.

Now, Obama is strongly in favor of regime change in Libya. He’s trying to bring democracy to Libya by removing the evil dictator oppressing the people of that country. But wait, isn’t this in direct opposition to his previous positions? This video points out the contradictions fairly well.

I really just don’t understand it. What exactly is going on here? What is Obama’s foreign policy, and whose interests is he out to protect? Is he just entirely confused about how to deal with the world?


2 Responses to “Obama, from Iraq to Libya”

  1. Robert Brown Says:

    Nobody knows.

  2. Robert Brown Says:

    But he is awesome.

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