Those crazy [insert non-authoritarian entity here]

Tea Partiers, Republicans, Libertarians- these are all people which the authoritarian left dismiss as absolutely crazy.

But which is crazier:

Restoring the ideal of liberty and self-government that this country was founded upon, or;

Believing an autocracy of technocrats will be enlightened enough to take good care of their subjects without reverting to the same abuses of power and atrocities that every previous authoritarian state has succumbed to.

Which is more unrealistic: Great Society, or self-determination?

This progression towards authoritarianism which has accelerated so greatly over the past decade is like a drug. We tell ourselves it’s okay, because we need it, but we could stop anytime we wanted to. We tell ourselves that there’s no slippery slope down the road to serfdom, and so we take just one more step, and then another, and then maybe just one more, each time telling ourselves it will be the last. We gut the Constitution, surrender our liberty, and trust in our glorious leaders who know so much better than us how to live.

Because if we don’t, then the crazies will win. Then the hicks and the rednecks and the racists and the corporations and those scarily self-important Libertarians (who think they’re somehow better than us because they have “principles”) will all win. And all technological and economic progress will revert, because none of it could’ve ever happened without the government keeping those crazies in their place.

Freedom was a thing of the past. We’re done with that now. We’ve evolved beyond it. Just like the glorious Roman Empire. And anyone who thinks otherwise is crazy.


3 Responses to “Those crazy [insert non-authoritarian entity here]”

  1. Matt Says:

    I think you have it backwards buddy. If anyone is authoritarian it is the right, not the left. You are right though about authoritarianism accelerating in the past decade. Who was in power for most of that decade? Oh that’s right…Bush, as well as having a Republican-controlled congress for half that decade and a right-wing Supreme Court.

    I remember being told that this was necessary because we were at war and if I objected to it I was unpatriotic and wanted the terrorists to win. Now that a Democrat is in office all of the sudden the right is concerned about freedom when they were the ones responsible for killing it in the name of safety.

    • Tristan Brown Says:

      “If anyone is authoritarian it is the right, not the left. ”

      That depends: Do you consider Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, and all the other congressional Democrats righties? After all, it is these characters who have put the United States federal government in possession of a major car company, have given the executive branch the power to tell us what kind of health care we can buy, have tightened TSA regulations to include “touching your junk” as a part of the procedure required to get on a plane, have tried to give the FCC the power to regulate the internet, have tried to raise taxes on everyone so that the government has more control over people’s money, have spent taxpayer money on countless earmarks and personal projects of lobbyists, have engaged in currency manipulations while simultaneously trying to convince China to stop manipulating its own currency, have fought to make it illegal to buy fatty foods, have fought to put the government in control of how much carbon dioxide everyone produces, and have used taxpayer money to pay for propaganda signs posted on all major highways and roads touting the president’s agenda.

      Bush doesn’t even come close to beating that kind of authoritarianism, though he certainly tried. In fact, it was his Supreme Court appointees who helped restore 1st Amendment rights to all in the Citizens United decision, and restored 2nd Amendment rights in the McDonald vs. Chicago decision.

      Bush was no libertarian, but if you want to find authoritarianism coming at you on all fronts, then look no further than the Democrats in our federal government.

  2. Matt Says:

    Look I’ll be the first one to admit that Democrats and Obama have passed legislation I believe is authoritarian or anti-freedom. Yes Obama et al, have been further right than I like especially in regards to continuing Bush policies. Yes there are some examples of Democratic Authoritarianism but by and large when you compare the two, Republican ideas and legislation under Bush far outweigh anything the Democrats have done.

    Your GM example is absolutely ridiculous. Yeah it would be one thing if the government nationalized an auto company for the hell of it. However remember GM came to the government in 2008 hat in hand asking for a bailout. Arguing about whether or not GM should’ve gotten a bailout is an argument for another day but to say it is an example of authoritarianism is absurd.

    I agree the enhanced TSA pat downs suck. However I get a feeling that the right would be okay with them if the TSA was just searching Muslims or anyone who looks Muslim or middle eastern. Also I can say with certainty that the right would be okay with these enhanced searches if they were introduced during the Bush administration.

    No Liberal wanted Obama to include the mandate in the bill. However that was originally a Republican idea. Remember what you right-wingers call “Obama-care” is essentially Bob Dole’s plan from the ‘90s.

    As for Republican authoritarianism where do I start? First off they want to tell women what they can and cannot do with their bodies. They are against abortion because it conflicts with their religious beliefs and essentially want to shove those beliefs down people’s throats.

    Secondly they want to tell people who they can and cannot marry. Remember in 2004 Bush wanted a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage? Many Republicans are against same –sex marriage and are trying to pass laws preventing it.

    Republicans want to go in our bedrooms and tell us what kind of sex to have. In 2003 the Supreme Court ruled in Lawrence vs. Texas that sodomy laws were unconstitutional, which Scalia dissented on, commenting that this ruling makes it harder to pass laws against things like fornication and masturbation. Many conservatives including Rick Santorum objected to that ruling. Furthermore conservatives in Alabama have put a ban on sex toys.

    Conservatives are against the right to privacy. Many Republicans contend this doesn’t exist Furthermore; the Bush administration listened in on many people’s personal phone conversations without warrants including listening in on service members all in the name of the “War on Terror”

    Bush basically shredded the fourth amendment with warrantless wiretapping, in addition to the Patriot Act and detaining people indefinitely without being charged in many cases without being able to see an attorney. Also this Supreme Court has greatly expanded police powers including Miranda warnings. Essentially the cop does not have to tell you your rights unless you ask.

    Republicans are generally against the First Amendment. They want to ban any form of entertainment that is indecent or “unchristian”. Remember it was Bush’s FCC that launched a war on “indecency”. If you look at the list of banned books during banned book week, many have been challenged because they have naughty words or sex scenes. It was the right who pushed for the Communications Decency Act that essentially told people what sites they can access on the Internet.

    Republicans have been by and large the biggest supporters of the useless War on Drugs. Also conservatives like Sharron Angle would like to bring back Prohibition. It was Elizabeth Dole who is responsible for the drinking age being 21.

    Lastly here are some links to prove my point I hope you enjoy them.,R6RQ2A6YsQ3A8Q7D1Q3AQ3A6RQ2A!siUVNik7

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