Thanks, Obama. For once, I mean that sincerely.

H.R. 2765, known as the SPEECH Act, was signed into legislation today. This act maintains that foreign libel laws shall have no jurisdiction in U.S. courts. In the eyes of the government, U.S. citizens shall enjoy the protections granted by the First Amendment, no matter where they- or their published works -are located. This ends the practice of “libel tourism,” where those who feel offended by works published in the U.S. sue American writers in countries where the courts do not recognize the freedom of speech, and then expect the foreign judgment to be upheld under the premise of “Comity.”

For the most part, prior to the passage of this law, domestic courts would not accept comity as a legitimate justification for bypassing First Amendment rights. Nevertheless, it’s good to have these things spelled out explicitly. It would have been even better if the Act were instead a constitutional amendment that applied to all freedoms contained within (since U.S. citizens are expected to pay U.S. taxes, no matter where they reside), but then the bill probably would not have passed, seeing as how some members of Congress aren’t so enthusiastic about one or two of those Amendments. That’s okay, one step at a time…


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