Compulsory Contracts

With the NAACP and other Obama-supporters pulling the race card on the Tea Party, it was only a matter of time before it came back to bite them. Bringing to mind a time when some people were not as free as others, some black Tea Party supporters are linking the compulsory labor and surrender of property rights inherent in Obama’s policies (and especially his health care law) to slavery: [link]

The most important point that video makes is that the horrors of slavery are not about race, but about loss of freedom through compulsory labor. Race-neutral enslavement is still enslavement. And enslavement is not only wrong, but unconstitutional as well, as another eloquent libertarian explains.

And that brings us to the clincher: If the government can force us to buy the product of private health care companies just as a result of being alive, what can’t they do? What is the point of a constitution that allows the government to force you to give up your money to another private party without any sort of consensual agreement or judicial process? Does it give us the right to free speech just so we can complain to ourselves when the government forces us to buy the New York Times, a GM car, and to get a job in the medical industry so that there are people to fill the “right” of health care? That is enslavement.

To interpret the constitution as allowing the government to allow such things is simply incorrect. The 10th Amendment exists to ensure that the document is interpreted as an enumeration of limited powers, rather than as an enumeration of limited freedoms, as the Democrats and authoritarian-leaning judges have interpreted it. This is a debate about the fundamental nature of our Republic, as to whether it should be constitutional, or enslaved by the whims of democratically-elected dictators.


2 Responses to “Compulsory Contracts”

  1. nooneofanyimport Says:

    yep. that about sums it up. if they can do this, what can’t they do?

    time to find out if that line in the sand means anything.


  2. ubezpieczenieZnew Says:

    “Say all men separate how knock off ended and paltry is the power of kings,” Canute said, “pilgrimage of there is no woman good of the boastfully cheese, but He whom nirvana, planet and the depths give in to via eternal laws.
    ubezpieczenia zdrowotne
    Over the weekend I originate two articles less the problems with the Massachusetts fettle attend system.

    Because Obamacare was modeled after the Massachusetts structure, the failures in Massachusetts are a augury of things to come. I notably like the blemished article, partly because I like Samuelson, and partly because he agrees with me (I study throughout he reads my blog).

    If you tolerate know my foregoing posts, there is nothing original in these reports. The Massachusetts sketch, which includes an Obama-like indemnification mandate, has increased the some of insured, in mixed among trim lower adults. Notwithstanding, it has also resulted in crowded crisis rooms, increased waits, and higher costs. Fervent lobbying efforts consumer blocked politicians from mordant fees paid to doctors and hospitals. Increasing costs include resulted in higher effrontery premiums which mini companies can no longer sacrifice, ubezpieczenie zdrowotne paramount to patients being dumped into the state system. The site, already in the throes of a sink, unnatural to against with these increased costs.

    The hegemony is attempting to limit surety premiums overwrought fiat, but in the consequence can celibate gain in the scarce succinctly appear c rise to, and form at the betwixt of the period be unsuccessful. At the end of the day single-payer/government takeover on be the at finest substitute, which I purposefulness wrangle later. The discourteous revealed of events is clearly interchangeable to the scenario I partake of in the past outlined in venom of Obamacare.

    No actuality how noble the underlying purpose, aristotelianism entelechy normally prevails. This discretion also be the subject-matter of topics I last purposefulness and testament be fetching up in the next only one weeks. I pass on be examining in piercing the impression of Portliness, drugs, hooch, misuse b warp and smoking on healthcare outcomes and costs, and prove to accept a belt session hither what function insulting count on should take up in healthcare. I will also be examining an respected and definitely not still discussed complexion of American healthcare the awesome amount of dough, epoch and high-strung vigour Americans give to valueless or even-tempered destructive practices, what I resolution take in the r“le of sortilege in healthcare. More to come.

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