Your Government at Work

I’d encourage anyone with any interest whatsoever in politics or the theory of government to create an account at

At this official Congressional website, you can observe the status of any bill being considered in Congress. You can then comment on it (or even on specific sections of it) and vote your approval or disapproval. You can even track specific Senators and Representatives, if you’d like to keep an eye on their voting record.

Having spent quite a bit of time browsing through the legislation that our country is currently considering implementing as law, there are a few … “gems” I’d like to put on display:

H.R. 4173: This is the bill which would give the president and his appointees the power to buyout, bailout, and/or liquidate any company deemed “a threat” to our economy without having to go through all the inconvenience of asking Congress first. I’ve already talked about this one before.

H.R. 801: Here’s a bill that would allow academic journals to copyright studies funded by the federal government. Basically, the public pays for the research, but then the public isn’t allowed to see the results of the research without paying again.

S. 1696: If you thought environmental politics were already a bit totalitarian (or even if you didn’t), take a look at this bill. It would require the Energy Secretary to monitor the energy consumption of video game consoles. Yes. Video game consoles. Of course, once the government has the data showing that some video game consoles use more energy than others, there’s going to be talk about banning (or heavily taxing) the more energy-intensive platforms. Well, I think Mario wold survive this new element of fascism, but Master Chief and Solid Snake might not be so lucky. Also, the age-old struggle of Mac vs. PC might finally be settled when the government starts making the choice for you based on “environmental impact.”

Nancy Pelosi: Need I say more?

Your government at work.


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