Health Insurance => Health?

Does having health insurance imply that an individual has a higher chance of being healthy?

Well, of course! I mean, it’s so obvious! Having health insurance has got to make people more healthy and less likely to die, right?

Actually, no.

According to this review, every major study that was conducted scientifically enough to control for independent variables like demographics, smoking, and certain types of risky behavior has found no statistically significant link between lack of health insurance and higher mortality.

In other words, Health Insurance =/> Health, and any apparent link between them is due to common causes (e.g. someone doesn’t have health insurance because they smoke, and then they die because they smoke) rather than a cause-effect relationship.

This is a trifle surprising, but it’s certainly damning for those who believe that total health insurance coverage is necessary for a healthy society. It also supports my view that going without health insurance leaves you in danger of bankruptcy, not death.

So now that no statistical survival benefit can be seen from having health insurance, the health care debate is no longer about life or death. It’s about money. Redistribution. Control vs. Freedom.

Faced with this knowledge, why would anyone still support any form of mandatory health insurance?


2 Responses to “Health Insurance => Health?”

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